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Nisha's Online Intro to Java Course

Making coding a breeze, for absolutely free

Nisha's Online Intro to Java Course

Making coding a breeze, for absolutely free

How It Works

How It Works

1. Sign-Up

Sign up using the designated button and follow the instructions described in the timeline/curriculum section.

3. Join the Class

Classes will occur on Zoom. You can download it on most devices for free. You will recieve the Zoom link once you submit the sign-up form. 

2. Set up your system

You MUST have your system set up before the course starts; we would like to maximize the limited time set for every class. If you have any questions/help regarding this matter PLEASE CONTACT ME. 

4. Contact me w/ any questions! 

I am available through email for any questions! Need extra one-on-one time? No problem! I will be more than happy to set up a private call with you, if time permits.

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Class 5


Random Class, Scanner Class

Class 6


Pseudocode, Algorithms, Logic, Rock-Paper-Scissors program

Class 7

Programming Cont.

Rock-Paper-Scissors program

Class 8

Finish Programming + AP CompSci Insight

Finish programming Rock-Paper-Scissors, overview/tips & tricks of AP CompSci class from a top AP score recipient


Classes will occur every day for 8 days lasting 40 minutesThe course will start on December 19th and end on December 28th (No class on 24th and 25th). Click the button below to sign up, and fill out all the requested information. When you submit, DO NOT immediately exit the screen; you will receive a Zoom link required to join the class upon submission. Copy and paste the link somewhere safe!

Class 1

Basics Part 1

Functions, Classes, Packages, Libraries, Variables, Syntax, Print Statements

Class 2

Basics Part 2

Types, Operations, conditionals, Input/Output

Class 3




If/else statements, For loops, While loops

Class 4


Functions, Parameters, Return statements

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